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By MI Grappler, 10/01/17, 9:15PM EDT


Mark Hall still holds record for most GFC titles

This year marks the 8th year of the Grappler Fall Classic and over the last 7 years we have seen some amazing talent get some at the GFC.  Below is a quick list of some of the notables who have started their seasons at the GFC.  

This year's GFC could be a historic one as a pair of grapplers look to join the 3x GFC Champ Club - Grant Aronoff (Florida, 140lbs) and Carson Manville (Pennsylvania, 135lbs).  To date only two wrestlers have won the GFC HS division 3 times - Penn State NCAA Champ Mark Hall (pictured) and UM NCAA Qualifier Zac Hall.

Note that this is only compiled based on HS Elite Division results.

The 2017 GFC is going down October 14th, click here for coverage on this year's event.




Bold Red indicates wrestler is registered for GFC this year

Caleb Smith, FL
Carson Manville, VA
Gage Hutchison, MI
Grant Aranoff, FL
Josh Heil, OH
Kanen Storr, MI
Lincoln Olson, MI
Logan Marcicki, MI
Logan Massa, MI
Lucas Hall, MI
Mitch Rogaliner, MI
Nick Kiussis, OH
Rayvon Foley, MI

4x GFC Placers

Bold indicates wrestler is still eligible to compete this year at the GFC
Bold Red indicates wrestler is registered for GFC this year

Alex Martinez, MI (2-5-3-7)
Austin Franco, MI (2-4-2-6)
Ben Freeman, MI (4-3-2-1)
Donte Rivera-Garcia, MI (6-5-3-6)
Ian Parker, MI (3-2-2-1)
Lucas Hall, MI (1-1-4-6)
Matt Santos, MI (6-2-6-1)
Rayvon Foley, MI (8-3-1-1)
Zac Hall, MI (1-2-1-1)

3x GFC Placers

Bold indicates wrestler is still eligible to compete this year at the GFC
Bold Red indicates wrestler is registered for GFC this year

Alex Uhre, FL (2-3-2)
Andrew McNally, OH (3-2-2)
Ben Griffin, MI (1-3-5)
Ben Kamali, MI (4-7-5)
Benny Gomez, MI (6-3-3)
Blake Montrie, MI (8-5-2)
Bobby Steveson, IN (5-3-2)
Breyden Bailey, IN (7-7-2)
Cael McCormick, IN (5-4-1)
Caleb Smith, FL (1-2-1)
Collin Lieber, MI (8-6-2)
Collin Welcher, MI (7-8-3)
Dresden Simon, MI (7-2-4)
Elijah Cleary, FL (8-2-1)
Foster Karmon, MI (1-5-2)
Franco Valdes, FL (2-3-2)
Grant Aranoff, FL (5-1-1)
Jack Harris, OH (6-1-2)
Jacob Cooper, MI (7-2-1)
Jake Spengler, FL (7-2-5)
Jared VanVleet, OH (1-6-4)
Josh Heil, OH (1-1-5)
Kanen Storr, MI (2-1-1)
Keegan Duncan, KY (7-5-2)
Ken Bade, MI (4-2-2)
Kevon Davenport, MI (8-5-1)
KJ Suitor, MI (7-4-7)
Logan Marcicki, MI (2-1-1)
Louie Hayes, IL (2-1-2)
Mark Hall, MN (1-1-1)
Max Johnson, MI (8-4-7)
Mike Mars, MI (1-7-2)
Mitch Rogaliner, MI (4-1-1)
Nate Limmex, MI (2-3-1)
Payne Hayden, MI (6-2-1)
Reiley Brown, MI (8-4-8)
Sal Guerriero, FL (7-3-5)
Steve Bleise, MI (2-8-5)


NCAA Champs
Mark Hall, Penn State

NCAA All-Americans
Alec Pantaleo, Michigan
Jacob Kasper, Duke
Justin Oliver, Central Michigan
Kevin Beazley, Michigan
Logan Massa, Michigan
Myles Amine, Michigan

NCAA Qualifiers
Anthony Abro, Eastern Michigan
Austin Eicher, Northern Illinois/Michigan State
Bobby Steveson, Minnesota
Cameron Sykora, North Dakota State
Emery Parker, Illinois
Freddie Rodriguez, SIU Edwardsville
Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan
Jack Hathaway, Oregon State
Jake Faust, Duke
Jamal Morris, North Carolina State
Jose Rodriguez, Ohio State
Josh Heil, Campbell
Mason Smith, Central Michigan
Max Rohskopf, North Carolina State
Noah Gonser, Eastern Michigan
Steve Bleise, Northern Illinois
Tim Lambert, Nebraska
Travis Piotrowski, Illinois
Zac Hall, Michigan