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NMWAY Wrestling

Poway High wins Reno TOC for the third straight year

By Pablo Di Maria, 12/20/15, 7:30AM EST


Photo courtesy of Hayne Palmour IV

RENO, NV. – For the fourth time in the last five years, the “Mean Green Machine” of Poway High, managed to win the Reno Tournament of Champions over a tough wrestling field. The Titans placed four wrestlers into the championship finals, and had eight place winners on the way to scoring 212 points. This is the third straight Reno TOC team title for the Titans, who also won in 2011 and missed out winning the title in 2012 by just four points.

Jacob Allen (106lbs.), Chase Zollman (113lbs.), Brandon Kier (132lbs.) and Chris Bailey at 195 pounds, advanced to the finals but fell short of acquiring individual championships. Other place winners for Poway included Jason Chua (120lbs.) who took fifth, Scott Kiyono (126lbs.) who took fourth and Josh Tolentino at 138lbs took eighth.  

Poway will be back in action on Dec. 28-29 as they will compete at the Cerritos TOC, a tournament with 65 teams and excellent state level competition.  

Team runner-up was, Pomona High, out of the state Colorado, which scored 181.5 points. The Panthers were led by Theorius Robinson, who gain an individual title at 126lbs, by defeating Donovan Guerrero of DeLasalle, a tough Grappler from the state of California via a fall. Up 8-2, Robinson took Guerrero down with: 18 seconds left on the match to obtain the take down and the pin. Six additional wrestlers obtained a place on the medal podium - Colton Yapoujian (106lbs.) was third, Justin Pacheco (113lbs.) was sixth, 2014 Reno TOC champion, Thomas Gutierrez (120lbs) was fourth, Jason Romero (152lbs.) was fourth, Uriah Vigil (170lbs.) was seventh, and Cameron Gonzales was sixth at 182 pounds.

Team Scores

1. Poway, Calif. 212

2. Pomona, Colo. 181.5

3. Easton, PA. 157.5

4. Wasatch, Utah. 152

5. De La Salle, Calif. 148.5

6. Roseburg, Ore. 131.5

7. Maple Mountain, Utah. 130

8. Yukon, Okla. 128

9. Crook County, Ore. 126

10. Herriman, Utah. 123



1. Mosha Schwartz of Ponderosa (CO)

2. Jacob Allen of Poway (CA)

3. Colton Yapoujian of Pomona (CO)

4. Legend Lamer of Crescent Valley (OR)

5. Casin Corallo of Easton (PA)

6. Hunter Sparks of Roseburg (OR)

7. Carlos Gerardo of Cibola (AZ)

8. Giovanni Federico of Grandview (CO)


1. Dany Vega of Ironwood Ridge (AZ)

2. Chase Zollman of Poway (CA)

3. Eric Rivera of Clovis North (CA)

4. Mason Naifeh of Union (OK)

5. Enrique Landeros of Orland (CA)

6. Justin Pacheco of Pomona (CO)

7. Terrell Barraclough of Layton (UT)

8. Jayce Cunha of Ironwood Ridge (AZ)


1. Jet Taylor of Sallisaw (OK)

2. Korbin Meink of Skutt Catholic (NEB)

3. Kai Kramer of La Costa Canyon (CA)

4. Thomas Gutierrez of Pomona (CO)

5. Jason Chua of Poway (CA)

6. Brandon Tyson of Broomfield (CO)

7. Hunter Matney of Ponderosa (CO)

8. Brandon Meikel of Kearns (UT)


1. Theorius Robinson of Pomona (CO)

2. Donovan Guerrero of De La Salle (CA)

3. Josiah Kline of Ironwood Ridge (AZ)

4. Scott Kiyono of Poway (CA)

5. Bennett Mesa of Roseburg (OR)T

6. Brawley Lamer of Crescent Valley (OR)

7. Tanner Cox of Maple Mountain (UT)

8. Jeff Heinz of Skutt Catholic (NEB)


1. Taylor LaMont of Maple Mountain (UT)

2. Brandon Kier of Poway (CA)

3. Paden Mason of Mountain View (AZ)

4. Chris De Loza of Clovis North (CA)

5. Logan Jensen of Herriman (UT)

6. Tyler Corpora of Emmaus (PA)

7. Corbin Smith of Wasatch (UT)

8. Adrian Gomez of De La Salle (CA)


1. Evan Fidelibus of Easton (PA)

2. Brock Hardy of Box Elder (UT)

3. Lucus Schaf of Emmaus (PA)

4. Hayden Bates of Crook County (OR)

5. Alec Baker of La Costa Canyon (CA)

6. Jaxen Gilmore of Yukon (OK)

7. Greg Guzman of Lemoore (CA)

8. Josh Tolentino of Poway (CA)


1. Jaron Jensen of Herriman (UT)

2. James Fisher of Centennial (ID)

3. Peyton Omania of De La Salle (CA)

4. Chase Vincent of Yukon (OK)

5. Kurt Mode of Crook County (OR)

6. Jerod Booth of Mountain View (AZ)

7. Kyle Taylor of Ironwood Ridge (AZ)

8. Brady O’Keefe of Carson (NV)


1. James Saylor of Easton (PA)

2. Jaron Chavez of Centennial (ID)

3. Anthony Wokasch of Mountain View (AZ)

4. Jason Romero of Pomona (CO)

5. Billy Higgins of Skutt Catholic (NEB)

6. Cole Ovens of Crook County (OR)

7. Camden Roach of Chaparral (CO)

8. Brandyn Van Tassell of Maple Mountain (UT)


1. Wyatt Sheets of Stilwell (OK)

2. Layne Van Anrooy of Roseburg (OR)

3. Hayden Hastings of Sheridan (WY)

4. Cole Hornbrook of North Medford (OR)

5. Sam Goings of Churchill County (NV)

6. Andrew Cervantes of De La Salle (CA)

7. Cole Moody of Bingham (UT)

8. Jacob Dye of Spanish Springs (NV)


1. Reese Neville of Yerington (NV)

2. Ritchie Heywood of Wasatch (UT)

3. Andrew Berreyesa of Reno (NV)

4. Dawson Cranmer of Chaparral (CO)

5. Nate Clements of Columbia (ID)

6. Moses Mayhue of Union (OK)

7. Uriah Vigil of Pomona (CO)

8. Connor Ventura of Broomfield (CO)


1. Jeff Oakes of Battle Mountain (NV)

2. Angel Solis of Lemoore (CA)

3. Nick Maximov of Chico (CA)

4. Robert Razo of Green Valley (NV)

5. Garth Healy of Wasatch (UT)

6. Cameron Gonzales of Pomona (CO)

7. Drake Barbee of Stillwell (OK)

8. Cade Woodward of Crook County (OR)


1. Wyatt Koelling of Davis (UT)

2. Chris Bailey of Poway (CA)

3. James Humphrey of Centennial (ID)

4. Shane French of Herriman (UT)

5. Carson Raymond of Crook County (OR)

6. Brenden Wheeler of Skutt Catholic (NEB)

7. Dan Oberle of Emmaus (PA)

8. Jonathan Waters of Union (OK)


1. Cohlton Schultz of Ponderosa (CO)

2. Brandon Closson of Pleasant Grove (UT)

3. Darryl Aiello of De La Salle (CA)

4. Wade French of Herriman (UT)

5. Simeon Page of Riverton (UT)

6. Scott McDonald of Columbia (ID)

7. Korbon Tibbals of Maple Mountain (UT)

8. Will Reddekopp of Roseburg (OR)


1. Ben Bos of Wasatch (UT)

2. Brandon Kipper of Columbia “B” (ID)

3. Damon Ramos of McQueen (NV)

4. Gavin Nye of Corning (CA)

5. Colton Smillie of Meridian (ID)

6. Mason Watt of Broomfield (CO)

7. Luis Salazar of Elko (NV)

8. Pat Arguello of Vallivue (ID)